9 of the Most Unrealistic Teen TV Shows Ever

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I’ve had a habit of watching too much TV ever since I was a kid, and I’ve always been into teen shows above all else. When you’re smaller, being a teen seems like the coolest thing ever. And then, you know, you become a teenager and you realize that it’s sort of garbage and not all that interesting.

Okay, maybe not garbage, but you get what I’m saying.

Still, there’s something endearing about watching teen shows, whether you’re living through them or those days are over. There’s a huge lack of teen shows that are actually realistic, though. I’m not just talking about all those supernatural shows about teen vampires and werewolves, because those are unrealistic from the jump. But other shows that try to convince us that we’re just watching a bunch of average teens are a damn joke.

I get it, we want to watch something with a little more drama than we’re used to dealing with on a regular basis. But there’s melodrama and there’s absolute ridiculousness. Check out this roundup of nine of the unrealistic teen TV shows; chances are you’ll find a few of your faves listed.

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