9 Teen Movies You Love That Are Super Unrealistic

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I love a good teen movie, but they can be ridiculously unrealistic! Before you start calling me the fun police, hear me out. I know that almost nothing in the media depicts teenagers is 100 percent realistic or reflective of the average teenager’s life. We watch movies about teens to see an exaggerated and dramatized depiction, and we often love them all the same. Hell, even unrealistic movies have elements of realism in them. But there are some movies that — whether they’re great, so bad they’re good or legitimately awful –are so unrealistic that it’s almost distracting. I’m not talking supernatural movies or anything like that either. Just plain old movies that feature scenarios or outcomes that are presented to us as cool and real and are anything but.

There are countless movies that fit the bill, but these definitely stand out in one way or another. From classics to notable flops, here are nine seriously unrealistic teen movies:

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