8 Unrealistic Dramatic Cliches from Movies & TV That Never Happen IRL

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We’re a lot more impressionable as kids than we think we are, especially about some seriously unrealistic movie and TV moments. For example, there’s a movie that I watched a few times as a kid called Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, a sequel to Honey, We Shrunk the Kids. There was a scene in which some kid with a potassium deficiency (yeah, I don’t know either) passes out at a party, and all the tweens are freaking out. What do they do to resolve the situation? Some kid remembered that bananas were full of potassium, SO THEY STUFFED A BANANA INTO THE MOUTH OF A PASSED OUT DUDE. And guess what? He woke up! Sure, that moment was educational in a way since it taught me that bananas were a great source of potassium, but I also went on with my life thinking that that was actually an effective way to help somebody. FACT: It’s probably not a good idea to stuff food down the throat of somebody who is unconscious unless you’re a medical professional, but anyway…

I don’t think that a TV show or movie has to be 100% realistic to be enjoyable, but that doesn’t stop me from snarking on some of the most unrealistic cliches that movies and TV shows are responsible for. From cheesy love scenes to court room drama, here are eight over the top moments in movies and TV shows that never happen that way IRL:

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