12 Unofficial Rules Every Vine User Needs to Know

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One of the main reasons why I find Vine so awesome is because it’s basically a mixture of YouTube and Twitter. The video-sharing app lets people share creative six-second videos and include descriptions with hashags, which is pretty cool. And plus, you get to see what your friends are up to without feeling like some creepy stalker. Isn’t that neat?

But while Vine can be super exciting, I’ve noticed that most Vine users have some of the most irritating habits. So for example, I can’t stand the fact that people record the most boring and pointless things, I hate seeing people copy vines from one another, and words can’t even express how much I hate the hashtag #DoitfortheVine. It really annoys me that people can turn such a fun and engaging platform into a total disaster.

Check out these 12 unwritten rules that all Vine users should follow right now:

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