8 YA Books That Got Completely Unnecessary Spin-Offs

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Fans were shocked when Stephenie Meyer released a brand-new tenth anniversary re-imagined version of Twilight. And not necessarily in a good way. While the promise of more vamp-y love may’ve sounded like a good idea in the author’s head, the tale received a great deal of backlash. But, hey, money’s money, right?

And this wasn’t the even the first time Stephenie decided to extend her stories beyond the limits of the original series. She, as well as plenty of other authors, have released unnecessary spin-offs. In fact, spin-off books are actually becoming common ground for our favorite YA tales. Whether there are pieces of a story that are still left untold, or if the author just isn’t satisfied with the movies alone, spin-off novels aren’t completely uncommon. Are they good, though? Honestly, sometimes they can just leave us scratching our heads and wondering, “WHY?” As much as we want more from the authors and characters we love, there actually is a point that leans more towards the “this is a bit of a stretch” category. So, without further ado, here are the YA stories that got spin-offs everyone totally could’ve gone without: