7 Unknown YouTube Beauty Gurus You Must Watch if You Love Jaclyn Hill

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We all know and love the queens of the YouTube beauty community, like Jaclyn Hill who has racked up over 4 million subscribers during the 7 years she’s been on YT! The 26-year-old is a real-life makeup artist who not only shows off her skills on the Internet, but also branches out to collaborate with HUGE brands and bridge the gap between the online community and the rest of the world.

Although we all love Jaclyn, a high subscriber count comes with many sponsorships and questions about reliability. Does she really love that new Morphe palette, or is she just getting paid to sing the brand’s praises? It’s sometimes hard to tell. If you love JH but miss when her tutorials came without the drama and controversy, then you’ll love these makeup addicts who have under 50,000 subscribers and aren’t affiliated with any big companies. These up-and-coming gurus are making a name for themselves in the YT community and we’re willing to bet they’ll be joining the ranks of more popular YouTubers in the very near future.