7 Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands You Need to Check Out

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It’s 2016, and yet some things are so unnecessarily gendered. We’ve reached an age where just because you were assigned male or female at birth does not mean you have to identify that way for the rest of your life. Identifying as non-binary or gender neutral can be tough for many, many reasons. One of the smaller struggles that a lot of people don’t talk about (because there are bigger issues at hand) is that shopping can be a struggle. There are so many female and male-specific clothing stores it can be hard to find something you feel comfortable in if you don’t fall into one category. Luckily, there are some amazing clothing brands that aim to help break the binary.

Sometimes, you want to be able to wear a dress. Other times, you might want to wear a baggy T-shirt. And guess what — both are totally fine. In fact, you’ll rock anything you wear. You shouldn’t have to shop exclusively in female clothing stores if you don’t want to.  Of course, a lot of “high fashion” brands have been cashing in on this unisex clothing trend… literally. I won’t name any names, but as I was looking around online, I found some incredibly pricey gender-neutral clothes. A simple T-shirt for $800? No thank you. It took a lot of digging around the Internet to find these few brands, but I got them for you. Here are some gender-neutral clothes you’ll love, and where to buy them:

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