21 Ridiculously Cool Unicorn Gifts to Ask for This Year

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Unicorns are enjoying a moment right now, and personally, I’m all about it. Unicorns make me, and probably everyone else, think of all things magical and aesthetically pleasing: rainbows, sparkles, glitter, and the possibility of something enchanting. Plus, they’re just really adorable. They can make any clothing item, accessory or random home decor look more whimsical and colorful, which we could all use sometimes. So, if you’re a unicorn lover, or you just want some fun gifts this holiday, you should definitely considering asking for some of these unicorn gift ideas. Or, uh, all of them.

From clothing to accessories to tech items to shoes, unicorns have invaded pretty much everything, and it’s hard to pick a favorite. If you want something bold and in your face, there are plenty of items here that you’ll love. If you’d rather go for something a little bit more subtle, we have a lot of those too. Basically, there’s something for everyone, even if you’re not 100% obsessed with unicorns. Here are a few magical gifts you should ask for this year — or, at the very least, buy for the unicorn lover in your life:

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