Unicorn Island is a Real Vacation Paradise and We Need to Go ASAP

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In case you haven’t yet had enough of the unicorn trend that’s been surviving and thriving over the last several years, there’s now a tropical vacation paradise you can go to that’s entirely unicorn themed, and TBH, it’ll do wonders for your Instagram.

So, where is this tropical unicorn paradise? The inflatable island is actually located in the Philippines, and even if that sounds like a long way to go to satisfy your unicorn cravings, the Instagram posts by one visitor named Daryll prove that you do, in fact, NEED to pay a visit. Take a look:

3/3 ☀️?

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2/3 ☀️?

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If you’re as obsessed with unicorns as we are, you might still be shocked that an attraction like this exists and you didn’t know about it! And honestly, we feel you. However, Unicorn Island is actually pretty new, launching around one year ago, so don’t worry… you’re right up to speed.

Although it hasn’t been around for long, the magical island has already expanded tremendously, making it an even more amazing and Instagrammable experience for everyone who decides to go. In fact, the island dubbed itself “the biggest floating island in asia,” and we can totally see why! According to their website, the inflatables are “as big as 8 basketball courts put together side by side. It contains inflatables slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings and so much more!” So much fun!

Are you ready for summer? #inflatableislandph

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Not yet convinced that you need to hop on the next flight to Unicorn Island? Just take a look at some more pics from Daryll’s Instagram page and have fun wishing you were him:

getaway buddy ?? #fujifilm #fujifilmph

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#TheDessertMuseum #fujifilm #fujifilmph

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See ya there!