8 Underrated TV Shows with Awesome Female Leads

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The CW

The CW

What’s better than a TV show where the characters are relatable and cool? A TV show on which the characters are relatable and cool women. Nothing against male-driven TV shows, but I love a good empowering show based around woman. No offense, but I’m sick of seeing all of these TV shows with main characters who are men talking about being men and doing manly things that only “real men” can do. Okay. We get it. Isn’t there room for something different?

You’ve probably heard about the Ghostbusters controversy and how men are mad because there are now female Ghostbusters. How ridiculous is that? Why do some people think certain genres or entertainment are exclusively for male actors? The important part about female-driven shows and movies is the representation it gives women. Female characters are not “one-size-fits-all,” they should be dynamic like actual real human beings because, guess what? Women are real human beings! Shocking! Take a look at these underrated TV shows with amazing leading ladies that you need to check out ASAP:

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