8 Underrated TV Besties You Need to Know About

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The CW

The CW

As much as I love watching TV shows for all of the juicy relationship drama, the most important relationships, in my opinion, are the BFF relationships. Sure, love interests are cool and all, but it’s the main BFFs that really make the show important. Specifically, female best friends. So many shows and movies love to have “frenemies” a.k.a. those mean girls who always seem to be going up against each other (*cough cough* Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl.) It’s nice to see some characters on TV shows who, I don’t know, actually like and respect each other, like real, healthy friends should.

I’m not saying that all of these friendships are perfect because, let’s be real, there will never be a perfect friendship since we are all humans who make mistakes. But there are the friends who stick by you when you make mistakes, and the friends who ditch you to date your ex-boyfriends (*cough cough* Serena and Blair, again). It’s important to see these relationships portrayed on TV so that we can actually aspire to be good people in healthy friendships. So, I’m going to show you these TV best friends who should be your actual IRL #FriendshipGoals to inspire you to be the best BFF you can be. You’ve got this.

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