10 Underrated Movies on Netflix Every Teen Girl Needs to Watch

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It’s certainly no secret that Netflix is known for binge-watching TV series — it’s such a big part of their brand that they even ended up creating some of their own original series. But, lest you forget, Netflix also offers lots of movies. So many, in fact, that some get lost and become underrated movie treasures that more people should watch even though they aren’t. This is especially true for teen movies.

I feel like there’s an implication that teen movies are not good films. Most of them are considered silly or unrealistic or just for kids. I think that’s trash. There are some amazing teen movies on Netflix right now that are so… different from each other? Being a teenager is weird and different for everyone, so it’s only natural that these movies have their own weird, different idiosyncrasies that make them awesome, right?

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