7 Underrated Storytime YouTubers to Watch if You Love(d) Tana Mongeau

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Tana Mongeau only started her YouTube channel in spring of 2015, but quickly gained popularity for her crazy AF storytime videos. The Las Vegas teen has recounted tons of insane moments in her life to her 2 million+ viewers, including her experiences with a stalker; crazy fan encounters and horrific Uber ride adventures.

Although Tana has gained popularity super fast in the YT world, the storytime connoisseur has been involved in many scandals lately. The root of the problem with most of these scandals is Tana’s inability to take responsibility for her actions. For example, Tana received criticism for using racial slurs in the past and when she called out for it, she claimed she was young at the time and didn’t know any better.

She’s also been accused of lying about the treatment of an assistant she hired to help her with various tasks. Whatever the situation may be, Tana always seem to default to playing the victim card and clearly some of her subscribers can’t support her anymore. So whether you’re unstanning Tana and looking for some new channels to fill your subscription box, or will still support Tana but will watch all the crazy content you can get your hands on, be sure to check out these seven underrated storytime YouTubers who are a little less… problematic: