7 Underrated Movie Couples That Should Be Your Relationship Goals

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If you were to ask someone to name what, in their opinion, is the most iconic movie couple of all time — if this is the kind of thing you are inclined to do; which it very well could be, I don’t know your life! — chances are good that you’d get a lot of the same names. You know, like, Jack and Rose from Titanic. Allie and Noah from The Notebook. Bella and Edward from Twilight (or, to be more aligned with the times, Anastasia and Christian from 50 Shades of Grey). And, a lot of the time, this will be followed up by the assertion, whether it’s spoken or implied, that these couples are their goals — you know, like, in the relationship goals sense. But. If you think about it, a lot of the time, these couples aren’t actually all that great, and they certainly aren’t anything that you should make your ultimate goal. Jack and Rose barely even knew each other, and then Jack died, which, if you know anything about woodplank sizing, was totally Rose’s fault. Allie and Noah, if you think about it, don’t actually know each other either, and, frankly, are moderately-to-severely boring. And, of course, Bella and Edward (and, subsequently, Anastasia and Christian) are straight-up abusive.

There is an argument to be made, of course, that one should never mold their own relationship after one they see in a movie, because even at its most developed and nuanced, there is no way that a relationship from a two-hour movie will not be two-dimensional, and, as a result, a precariously unstable base for a relationship. But that is not what I am here to discuss today! Instead, I will invite you to check out these underrated movie couples that should actually be your relationship goals:

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