9 Underrated Male Beauty Gurus You Must Watch if You Love Manny Mua

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Beauty blogging is definitely a female-dominated field. There are so many lady YouTubers who are killing it in the make up game (shout-out to Bethany Mota, Zoe Sugg and Jaclyn Hill!!!) that you may not feel like you need to trek out and find brand-new beauty gurus who can help you expand your cosmetics knowledge. But in the same way that we want to see more women respected in male-dominated fields like sports and business — we’ve got to start supporting dudes who are trying to find their way into the so-called “women’s” world of makeup!

MannyMua has already shown his 1.7 million subscribers that “Makeup is GenderLESS and has no rules!” (as he says on his YouTube channel), but these other boy-beauty-bloggers are breaking down walls and making their statement about masculinity and femininity — displaying that the guidelines to each may not be as rigid as we thought. Work it!