15 High School Movies That People Always Forget About

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There are certain movies about high school that we can ALL agree are classics (Mean Girls, Clueless, The Breakfast Club, etc.) but there are a few hidden gems out there that don’t get nearly as much love as they should.

Take for instance, the 2000 movie Whatever It Takes starring James Franco. It’s a “modern” day take on the Cyrano de Bergerac tale, which is basically two guys scheming to win the girls of their respective dreams. It also stars a pre-Breaking Bad Aaron Paul and has a Titanic-themed prom. ALSO, Colin Hanks plays a high schooler who brings a divorcee to said prom which is basically the funniest thing we can think of.

In addition to that, we came up with 14 other high school movies that people always seem to forget about. Click through the gallery below to see what we’re talking about! Do you agree that these movies are totally underrated? Tell us in the comments section!