8 Underrated Beauty Products That You Should Try at Least Once

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The beauty industry is bigger than ever, with skincare products raking in $24 billion and makeup scoring $18 billion in the most recent estimates. I’m not a researcher or anything, but I think that the increased accessibility to the world of beauty — thanks to everything from YouTube tutorials, to social media — has been a massive factor to its growth. I’m not going to lie, I probably wouldn’t own as much eyeshadow as I do if it wasn’t for obsessively watching makeup tutorial videos back in college. And if it wasn’t for the ease of finding online beauty communities, I would probably only wear the makeup brands that I grew up watching my mom using instead of branching out. Would we all be obsessed with contouring — a makeup tradition that isn’t technically new, and has been popular in drag queen circles for ages — if it wasn’t for everyone showing off their contouring skills on Instagram (with a little help from Kim Kardashian too, let’s be real)? Mmmm, probably not.

But with these new ways of learning about makeup, it’s easy for us to get hooked on the latest obsession — like highlighters — and ignore old standbys that are a little less popular or might even seem old fashioned. Sure, blush or cold cream might not be as sexy as a contour stick or the newest Kat Von D liquid lipstick, but some of these classics are still worth giving a go; who knows, you might even fall in love with ’em. Here are eight underrated beauty products that you should try at least once:

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