10 Underrated YouTube Beauty Gurus You Must Watch if You Love Zoella

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At this point, literally everyone in the world knows who Zoe Sugg is. The 26-year-old beauty guru has over 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Zoella, is a best-selling author, has her own makeup/skincare brand, and is pretty much MINUTES away from taking over the entire world. But while you’ve already come to know and love (read: obsess over) Zoe, we wanted to open your eyes to even MORE incredible video creators who you’ll love even just as much as the British beauty, but probably haven’t been made aware of yet.

While Alfie Deyes’ girlfriend has 20 million eyeballs watching her on the daily, these other YouTube beauty vloggers all have less than 400,000 subscribes. We know what you’re thinking — 400,000?!!? How the heck does that make someone not well known?! Well, hear us out. In addition to Zoe, YT stars like Jaclyn Hill, Bethany Mota and Shannon Harris all boast well over 1 million subbies. So while the following beauty gurus are definitely doing quite well for themselves, they simply aren’t as well-exposed as the ones who are at the very top of the game.