Playlist of the Week: The 10 Most Underplayed Holiday Songs

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Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey Christmas SongTurn on your radio. What’s on? Odds are it’s a Christmas song, and odds are it’s one of those overplayed tunes like Mariah Carey‘s classic, Justin Bieber‘s “Mistletoe” or one from Burt Iver, that old dude who wrote and sang most of the holiday songs we know and loathe love today. But you know what? There are approximately 8,274 other holiday songs that you probably don’t know about because they never get played on the radio, in the shopping malls, or on your fave TV shows. ANYWHERE, we tell ya!

So for our Playlist of the Week, we’re honoring 10 of those lost-but-not-forgotten tunes from the gleeks, Taylor Swift, and yes, even Kanye West that’ll get you all warm and fuzzy.

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Happy fa la la la la-ing!

1. “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” — N*SYNC
Everyone always says that Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is the most classic Christmas song, right? Wrong. N*SYNC‘s is a million times more awesome, catchy, and festive. And also, there’s nothing tackier cuter than a platinum-blonde JT riding a sleigh.

2. “All I Want for Christmas is You” — Mercedes, Glee
And speaking of that classic Mariah tune, nobody has done it justice (Nope, not even Bieber) quite like Amber Riley from Glee. This song’s on the this year’s Glee Christmas album, but we hope it makes it to radio, too. Hearing it on our iPods is simply not enough!

3. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” — Kurt and Blaine, Glee
And while we’re on the topic of Glee, this duet from Klaine is easily our fave from last year’s holiday episode. Anyone want to curl up to the fire with Darren Criss serenading you? Yeah. That’s what we thought.

4. “My Only Wish (This Year)” — Britney Spears
This is old school Brit Brit right here, you guys. Back then her only wish was for, ya know, a boyfriend, but now that Britney’s got that, two kids, and a thousand million dollars, we kind of feel like this song is out of date. But nonetheless, it’s still one of our most-loved Xmas songs ever.

5. “White Christmas” — Destiny’s Child
We miss Destiny’s Child. We LOVED hearing their song on Glee this week so so much. But if you need more of ’em too, listen to Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle’s take on this classic tune. Such. Amazing. Vocals.

6.”My Grown Up Christmas List” — Jennette McCurdy
You’ve prob heard Kelly Clarkson‘s version of this song on the radio sometime between her American Idol win in 2001 and now. But we’re sort of obsessed with Jennette’s version that she literally just put up on her YouTube channel yesterday. Don’t you think iCarly‘s BFF deserves some lovin’ too? Take a listen to it before you judge.

7. “The Chanukah Song” — Adam Sandler
Oh hey, America. There are some people out there who don’t celebrate Christmas, ya know. So in honor of those guys, we think Adam Sandler’s classic song about those 8 crazy nights should get a little bit more action. And you know what else? He should come out with a new version about today‘s Jewish celebs who we actually care about. Just sayin’.

8. “Last Christmas” — Taylor Swift
Taylor’s version of this tune might as well been ripped straight off her album, “Fearless.” It’s romantic, it’s country-ish, it’s about a boy breaking her heart. See where we’re going with this?

9. “Joy to the World” — Jonas Brothers
We. Miss. The Jonas Brothers. Like, when they were an actual band and not just doing that whole solo thing. And we guess until we get new music from Kevin, Joe and Nick, we’ll just have their rock n’ roll version of the sappy Xmas song on repeat. All day. Slash all week. And you might too. You’ve been warned.

10. “Christmas in Harlem” — Kanye West
Um, so no, Christmas in Harlem isn’t different than Christmas in insert-your-town-name-here. But Kanye’s tune about it? It’s not your usual cheery, festive song, folks.

What’s your fave underplayed Christmas song? Which one should we have put on this list? What’s your fave Xmas song ever? Tell us right here, alright?