8 Most Uncomfortable Movie Costumes, From Hunger Games to Thor!

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Sure, it’s hard to feel bad for a celeb when they’re living it up on a movie set. But not every star gets to breeze through hair and makeup and spend their days filming in jeans and tees. Here’s a look at some of the movies where celebs had to wear super comfortable costumes — a few even got hurt while wearing their outfits! Maybe being famous isn’t as easy as we thought, eh?

The Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence got off easy with this one, running around in cargo pants and cute military boots.  But Elizabeth Banks should get props for wearing dresses fitted insanely tight to give her a tiny waist and uncomfy high heels a la Effie Trinket. In an interview with People, she even said her costumes were like “torture!”


Mirror Mirror
We’ve all had shoes that have given us blisters, but this level of causing pain for high fashion is on another level! Julia Roberts plays the Evil Queen in this movie, and in one scene she wears a huge yellow dress that actually weighed over 60 pounds! She admitted in an interview that one day on set she pulled a thigh muscle just while she was trying to move around in the dress. Now that’s sacrificing comfort in the name of looking good!

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Chris Hemsworth is definitely feeling some jealously towards his little bro Liam who got to wear a thermal and pants for Hunger Games. ‘Cause in Thor, Chris had to wear Ancient Greek costumes. It took him over an hour to get dressed for the part, and then another 90 minutes on top of that for hair and makeup. That’s worse than us girls getting ready for a date!


Pirates of the Caribbean
It wasn’t just the actors dressed up like pirates that felt uncomfortable. Keira Knightley also hated getting into costume for her role as Elizabeth Swann. The actress has complained that she truly hated wearing corsets in order to look right for the time period. She could barely breathe — which is probably how we’d feel spending the day around Orlando Bloom too!

Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean


Kellan Lutz was not a fan of his costume while playing Greek god, Poseidon. How was he even able to do anything in that thing? At least he still looked smokin’.

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The Eagle
Channing Tatum is a dedicated actor, but even the Chanster wasn’t prepared for the injury he sustained on set while shooting this movie.  Someone working on the movie was supposed to pour warm water down his wet suit to keep him from getting too cold.  Unfortunately, the guy poured scalding water in the suit, and Channing got serious burns on some very delicate parts. Yikes!

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The Three Musketeers
It was definitely hard for Logan Lerman to get used to acting in a costume that looks like it’s from the 1600s. Not only did he have to adjust to wearing weird pants, the poor guy also had to figure out how to still look hot while wearing tights! Mission accomplished.


Sherlock Holmes
Rachel McAdams had to wear a super stuffy corset and bustle, which made it extremely difficult to walk around and do her fight scenes in. But she still managed to look like a tough powerhouse gal anyway!

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