6 TV & Movie Prom Dresses We Wouldn’t Wear IRL

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It’s so easy to salivate over the prom dresses we see in our fave television shows and movies because usually they’re so beautiful that we just go, “WTF? Why can’t I afford X designer dress? Jealous!” Well, sometimes you don’t even have to worry about that. Because sometimes, fictional characters don’t have better dresses than you do. Check out these six prom numbers and let us know what you think — would you touch any of them with a ten-foot pole?

Harper’s Dress in 90210
We have nothing against plaid as a prom-worthy print, but we do have something against a dress that is just plain unflattering. Prissy Harper may be a bit of a nerd, but that doesn’t mean she has to wear a dress that manages to look both matronly and like an extension of a schoolgirl uniform. (We certainly wouldn’t.) Awkward length, scratchy-looking material? Sounds particularly torturous.

The CW

Gabriella’s Dress in High School Musical 3
Gabriella’s dress was made for dancing, but it also looks like she tumbled in a pile of leaves. Um, what are those stringy bits attached to her skirt? I’ll admit, this dress looks super-fun to twirl around in, but I’d be totally scared of getting it caught in a wall decoration or corsage. A wardrobe malfunction (or, at best, a tear) is def in this dress’s future.

Disney Channel

Andie’s Dress in Pretty in Pink
Bonus points for Andie’s reconstruction skills, but this dress is a bit too dated for our taste now. The ’80s were great, but we don’t wanna go back. Hello! No Internet!


Needy’s Dress in Jennifer’s Body
The drama of a good costume is EPIC, but Needy’s prom dress makes her look like she just finished a run of the play Pirates of Penzance. Plus, it’s hard to forget how she’s covered in dirt… and blood. That’s a prom night no one wants.

20th Century Fox

Brittany’s Dress in Glee
Hey, Brittany S. Pierce totally rocks this dress, but let’s be honest with ourselves — only Brittany could pull this off. A lime green and red dress is pretty much impossible for normal people (AKA those of us who aren’t ingesting regular doses of unicorn dust) to wear. I know that if I wore this prom dress, I would end up looking like a pallid holiday elf. Not attractive.


Tina’s Dress in Napoleon Dynamite
Again, this dress is perfect for Tina — especially with a date like Napoleon on her arm — but you wouldn’t catch us in a hot pink confection that is this puffy and lacy. Cupcakes are delicious, but sometimes you don’t want to wear them.

Fox Searchlight

Are we being a little too harsh? Would you wear any of these dresses to your prom? Which one do you think is the absolute worst? Spill it all in the comments

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