Tyra Banks and Keenan Cahill Rapping is the Most Hilar ANTM Promo Ever! (Video)

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If the pic to your left isn’t a big enough hint, here’s some news: Keenan Cahill is going to be on an episode of America’s Next Top Model. But we think this hilar vid (featuring Tyra Banks herself) he made to share the news is the best promo vid we’ve ever seen! And PS, Tyra, we noticed the plug for your new book, Modelland, in there too. Can’t fool us.

Watch the video below:

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Keenan is going to be on ANTM November 2! Did you like Keenan and Tyra’s vid? Think you’ll tune in to watch the ep of ANTM with Keenan? Think this was a clever way of self-promotion? Comment below!