Tyra Banks Chats Modelland & Reveals Which Kardashian’s Gonna Be On Next Season of Top Model (Exclusive Interview!)

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What’s one of the most famous people living to do when they’ve conquered the modeling world, the acting world, the singing world and had a hit reality TV show with like 20,000 seasons? No, not start a fashion line (But yep, she’s done that too!). Write a bestselling book, of course! But Tyra Banks’s Modelland is not one of those ghost-written, glitzy book cover with-a-celeb’s-face-on-it kinda books. Nope, it’s basically a fantasy horror novel about what life’s really like in the modeling industry, except it takes place in a world very different from our own.

We got the exclusive chance to chat with Tyra about the book, smize-ing and which Kardashian you’ll find all over next season of ANTM (Yeah, spoiler alert people. We warned ‘ya!).

Teen: Would you recommend a teen get into modeling as early as you and [the book’s main character] Tookie did?

Tyra Banks: I would not recommend a teen getting into modeling if they’re not solid when it comes to their grades and school. That comes first. My mother always told me that came first. I started modeling in 11th grade and it was something that I did after school and on the weekends. School is so important and modeling should be treated as an extracurricular activity as opposed to a career until you graduate high school.

Tyra Banks in High School. Still Gorg.

Teen: Modelland sounds like a magical place. What does your magical dream land look like in terms of food, people and what you’re doing?

Tyra Banks: I love whipped cream, which Tookie loves too, so if I could have whipped cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner that would be magical…I would have it not make me get sick because if I have too much whipped cream, I do start feeling like heavy cream overload and I get a little nauseous. I think my magical dream land would have all of my friends from high school and elementary school. I’m extremely nostalgic so my closest friends are people from my childhood. And we would go to like… you know, my magical activity would just be like riding a ride. I’m obsessed with Orlando. I took an 8-day vacation there recently. Everybody’s like, Wait, you went on vacation there? I’m obsessed with the theme parks and themed restaurants, I love it!

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Teen: A lot of actresses and entertainers these days are bestselling authors. What are your thoughts on that? Have you read any of them?

Tyra Banks: No, I haven’t read their books, but of course I’m very familiar with them. The one thing that I like is that a lot of people are reading because reading is so important. Huge books for me were Sweet Valley High, Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary so the fact that people are reading — when there are so many other distractions like the Internet and television and video games — I think it’s a positive thing.

Tyra on America's Next Top Model

Teen: Do you watch Jersey Shore?

Modelland by Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks: I do not, but of course, I know who Snooki is. This cycle on America’s Next Top Model, the girls do a Snooki and Mimi [from The Real Housewives of Atlanta] photoshoot where they have to embody Snooki and Mimi. I think it might be next week or week after next.

Teen: In the book, Tookie deals with a lot of monsters. Are you a Little Monster?

Tyra Banks: I’m a big fan of Lady Gaga. I think she’s kinda what modeling is about in a way: Unique-ness, different-ness, edginess, quirkiness is actually special and I think her message is — I wouldn’t say it’s exactly like my message — but there are similarities in embracing your uniqueness. When she talks about being born this way, I really think she’s absolutely fabulous.

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Teen: Modelland is kind of like a fashion-focused Hunger Games. Have you read Hunger Games?

Tyra Banks: I’m on 2 1/2 so I’m halfway through Mockingjay. I find it interesting that a lot of people are saying it’s fashion and modeling Hunger Games. I think there’s something about the dystopian society. In Suzanne Collin’s book, she created a whole different world, it’s almost like the end of the world as we know it. With Modelland, I created a whole different world as well so I think that’s the comparison. There’s also that viciousness. While people in Modelland aren’t killing each other, there’s a hyper focus on competition. I think that’s what they’re seeing as the comparisons.

Teen: Let’s get to the important stuff: Which celebrity has the best smize?

Tyra Banks: I think Kim Kardashian actually has an amazing smize, and so does her mom. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have the exact same eyes. Her mom was on Top Model, she’s gonna be on Top Model next cycle too, and so I was spending time with her and I was looking at her eyes going, OhMyGod you have Kim’s eyes. They both naturally smize all the time.

Tyra Banks with the Kardashians

So, will you check out Tyra’s book? Do you want to be a model? Sound off below, or snap a pic of your best “smize” and tweet it @teen. We want to see!