The 11 Types of Parents You’ll Encounter in Your Lifetime

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Somehow, there are tons of millions of parents in the world, but they all fall into these 11 categories. Crazy, right?

1. The Super Strict One. Lots of rules and regulations that you either follow to the letter or rebel against.


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2. The Super ‘lax One. “You want to play hooky from school today and go to the movies instead? Suuure, what’s the worst that could happen?”

3. The Adventurous One. Always down to go rock climbing, deep sea diving or just plain old run around the house all day.

4. The One Who Forces You To “Eat Something”. And makes sure that you wear three sweaters in the winter, and are getting enough sleep at night.

5. The One Who Gives Perfect Advice. And has, therefore, gotten you out of hot water countless times.

6. The One Who All of Your Friends Adore. They’re one half-step away from moving into your house and becoming your adopted siblings.

7. The One Who Has Anecdotes For Days. “When I was growing up, I had to walk 10 miles to school both ways barefoot through a blizzard. You kids have it easy.”

8. The One Who Has A Million Hobbies. And all around the house is proof of their hobby obsession in the form of rackets and balls and tools.

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9. The Super Sensitive One. They cry at the drop of a hat and you are pretty sure that they can cry on command, at this point.

10. The Ultra-Stoic One. Have you ever seen this parent cry in the history of time? Probably not.

11. The One Who Loves You a Whole Lot. Which is pretty much every parent!

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