The 10 Types of Friends Everyone Has in High School

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There are a bunch of types of people in the world, but only a very specific few types of people you’ll encounter in high school. Of course, you’ll inevitably befriend one another, whether or not your personalities mesh in the best way. Because the whole idea of high school is that you see everyone all of the time. Which is the reason why a lot of people look forward to college: to find the other people who are the same type of friend as they are and make friend supergroups. (Also, to have the option to go to class in pajamas every day.)

But before you get there, you’ve got to navigate the absolute maze that is high school friendship. And here are ten types of friends most people inevitably have had or will have at some point while there:

1. The Super-Smart One. This is the person who will graduate high school just a handful of credits shy of a Bachelor’s Degree. This is the person who will also most certainly be rich in 10 years.

2. The One Who Could Definitely Try Harder. There’s just so much untapped potential hiding behind those glazed-over eyes!

Michael Cera But It's Hard

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3. The One Who Couldn’t Try Harder. You can identify this friend by how tired they look after social interactions from trying so hard to make everyone like them.


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4. The One Who’s A Bully. Bullying is never okay, but unfortunately, most people have befriended a Regina George or two in their high school lives.

5. The One You Used to Hate. Ah, the classic story of once-enemies becoming inseparable, often for the the same reasons. You used to think that she talked too much? Now it’s one of your favorite parts of her personality.

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6. The One Everyone Hates But You. When you’re being optimistic about a person’s shortcomings, it’s much harder to figure out why you seem like their only friend in a school of people who don’t like them. But when you find out, run for the hills.

7. The Overly Dramatic One. Seriously, there will never be a time where you run into this person in the hallway when they don’t “OMG, have a huge update for you!!”

Shoshana Girl So Happy To See You

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8. The One With Paint On Her Overalls. So sensitive and artistic that it’s a borderline Hollywood cliché. But that doesn’t stop you from wanting them to make you stuff all of the time.

The Aristocats Painting

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9. The One With All Of The Extra-curriculars. Where does this person find the time? To eat, sleep, or procrastinate their homework until midnight, like everyone else?

Miss Piggy Busy

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10. The One Who Knows Everyone. Don’t count on getting to class on time if you’re walking with this friend. Because they absolutely must greet every one of their 1,000 friends on the way there.

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