Tyler Posey Basically Just Confirmed He’s Dating One of His Co-Stars

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Tyler Posey has a new girlfriend, and no it’s not just speculation. While he didn’t reveal her name, fans think they know who she is — actress Sophia Taylor Ali The 25-year-old actor confirmed that he’s been secretly dating someone for a bit while at Variety‘s Young Hollywood party last night.

“It’s fresh. It’s so fresh,” he told E! News. “It’s not like a secret or anything. It’s just pretty new… I’m happy.”

“I really admire her,” he continued, admitting that they met while working on a recent project together. “I think she’s extremely talented and a great person. I’m inspired by her a lot, and she intimidates me sometimes, which I’m not really used to. I’m nervous right now talking about it. She’s beautiful, really cool, has a lot of the same interests. I could go on about that, too.”

The 21-year-old girl met the Teen Wolf on the set of their upcoming movie, Truth or Dare, which also stars Lucy Hale and Nolan Gerard Funk. The rumored couple was seen grabbing lunch together just a day before the MTV star revealed he’s currently in a relationship.

TP was previously engaged to childhood sweetheart Seana Gorlick, but the longtime couple called off the wedding in October 2014, after dating for over 10 years. The TW guy then briefly dated Bella Thorne, but that ended shortly after there was some drama with Charlie Puth.

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