What Tyler Posey Said About Scott and Stiles Will Leave You In Tears

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We are in complete denial that Teen Wolf is coming to an end. Unfortunately, no matter how much we protest that the series finale is only 39 days away (not that we’re counting or anything), it is still going to happen whether we want it to or not.

The only good thing we’re getting out of the show ending is all the promo that the cast and creatives are doing. Remember when we just about lost it when the show’s creator, Jeff Davis, said that Scott and Stiles is the show’s real romance?

What makes #Sciles even better is that Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien are BFFs IRL.The pair has been through pretty much everything together, especially since they were roommates once upon a time. Even when Dyl talked about his decision to return to Teen Wolf he mentioned how he wanted to finish it with the other OG cast members.

Happy 6th birthday the wolf. Make a wish

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Well get your tissues ready again because Tyler talked to E! Online about how important Scott and Stiles are to each other. Ty said “This is definitely Scott and Stiles’ most mature friendship this season, if that makes sense. They’ve been through a lot with each other. They’ve had time away from each other now, so they know the importance of one another, the weight of them being separated. They really miss each other.”

We can definitely see why Tyler says this, the absence of Stiles in the previous season weighed heavy on us and his BFF Scott. It just feels right to see the pair together again and even Tyler realized the impact the friends had on his life by saying “It’s making me emotional talking about it a little bit!”

Same, Ty, same.