Amid All the Comic-Con Craziness, Tyler Posey Announces His Engagement

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Instagram (@i_love_harveys)

Instagram (@i_love_harveys)

So… we’re guessing there’s no hope for a Scott and Allison real-life reenactment since Tyler Posey‘s apparently engaged and all. That’s right, the Teen Wolf star’s preparing to officially take himself off the market.

At Comic-Con 2013, the 21-year-old actor confirmed that he and longtime girlfriend Seana Gorlick are set to tie the knot: “I love being home. I have a fiancee now. We live together. We have dogs now and it’s absolutely great — I love it.”

Despite their young age, the two have been an item for about 10 years(!). He told Us Weekly back in June, “[I knew] since I was 11. I couldn’t really put it into words when I was that young, but I always had this really strong connection to her and it’s just been something I can’t really explain other than I want to marry you and be with you forever. You just know. You definitely just know and I know.”

It was recently announced that Tyler’s up for Choice Summer TV Star: Male at this year’s Teen Choice Awards, so the good news just keeps a’coming. Leave your congratulatory notes for Ty in the comments!

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