Tyler Oakley Also Deals w/ the Disturbing Thing That Happens to Other Stars

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Tyler Oakley recently posted a lengthy note about how scary it is when supporters get a little crazy and “boundaries are crossed.” “When people mob at airports & camp out at the hotel, it really makes me feel swallowed whole,” he wrote on Twitter. “Like I talked about in my documentary, our hotel on our is home away from home –- and in my opinion (can’t speak for anyone else) it’s never appropriate to wait outside someone’s home.”

But getting mobbed outside of hotels and airports isn’t the only time the YouTube star gets bombarded. Like his friend Zoe Sugg, the 27 year old gets swarmed with TONS of inappropriate messages on social media that would make most feel uncomfortable. Sure, Tyler is perhaps a bit more raunchy than most in his videos, but that doesn’t justify the following notes.

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1. Pretty sure he’s not equipped to answer this question.

2. If he does, he’s not going to tell you!

3. Thank goodness you didn’t finish that!

4. No.

5. You can’t just ask people this!!

6. EW EW EW!

7. UGH!

8. TMI.

9. It doesn’t work like that…

10. Prob never.

11. Well, there’s two extremes!

12. Thanks?


15. BRB gagging.

16. We give you props for creativity, but WHAT?!

17. Put a fork in us because we’re DONE.

18. Ok.

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