Musers Tyler Brown & Justin Blake Basically Confirm Romance with Kiss

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There’s been speculation that musical.ly stars Tyler Brown and Justin Blake are in a relationship for quite some time now, but everyone’s thoughts were only ever fueled by sly comments and not-so-subtle tweets. The boys’ potential romance was seemingly ~confirmed~ yesterday, however, when they — wait for it — KISSED in front of the thousands of people who attended the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, DigiTour show.

Apparently, fellow Muser Bryce Hall was the one who encouraged the on-stage smooch, which is why it makes sense that he was just as “shook” as fans when it actually happened.

Tyler explained why he and Justin decided to kiss in front of so many people by replying to his BFF’s tweet with, “You dared us to b*tch!”

The video of the peck came just hours after the teens were seen allegedly holding hands while walking down the street. And yep — you guessed it — there’s a recording of that, too!

A couple days before all this went down, Ty tweeted, “Justin is really cute,” with several love-stricken Emojis.

The 15-year-old came out as bisexual back in January, and the 17-year-old has been open about his journey as a transgender man from basically the time he started gaining fame on social media.

JB previously dated musical.ly star Reagan Beast for several months, but the two broke up in March 2017. Honestly, we have no idea if #Jyler is real or not, but seeing as the boys both constantly update fans on their lives, we highly doubt it’ll take too long for the relationship speculation to be confirmed or denied officially.