Another One of Your Favorite Musical.ly Celebrities Just Came Out

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Instagram (@tylerbrown)

Instagram (@tylerbrown)

Tyler Brown is back in the headlines, but this time it’s for something way better than doing drugs. Yesterday, we told you how musical.ly star Nick Horton came out as gay, and now the 14-year-old Muser is also opening up about his sexuality.

The teen that goes by itztylerbrown on the lip-synching app first told his followers on Twitter that he is bisexual, keeping things short, sweet, and to the point.

Tyler decided to go more in depth about his decision to come out, however, on Instagram.

“Hey guys, I know some of y’all already know but I’m bisexual,” he captioned a photo. “It was hard for me to come out to you guys…I’ve know I started to find both genders attractive about last year and I just came out to my parents 4 days ago…I thought I’d let you guys know because you are all like a family to me as well! It’s a hard this to do to come out, especially to thousands and thousands of people…I hope that this doesn’t change the way you guys think of me, I’m still the same person that was yesterday, just now you all know me a little better lol. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!”

In addition to receiving tons of support from his friends and fans, the Muser also received information that he actually inspired people to come out themselves, and wrote about how much that means to him.

“When I came out I inspired so many people to come out as well and that warms my heart knowing I have that much of effect on people. Like literally scrolling through my feed I see so many of my fan accounts coming out and it’s so amazing to me that I have that much effect. I inspired one of my closest friends to come out to his family and hes been in the closet for 4 years and that’s so crazy to me ugh ilygsm. I just love you guys so much haha, have a good night.”

We are so happy for Tyler!

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