Proof That Tyler Blackburn Is Easily the Best Pretty Little Liars Boyfriend

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Haleb. Ezria. Paily. Spoby. While there are four Pretty Little Liars couples, only one can reign supreme, and we're here to declare that Caleb (ya know, of Hanna and Caleb) is HANDS DOWN the best PLL BF out there.

Yes, we're assuming you know by now that Tyler Blackburn plays the swoon-worthy Caleb, so in honor of the latest Man Crush Monday, we've decided to dedicated this particular one to the popular PLL character, Caleb Rivers. We know he left for Ravenswood, but since the show got cancelled he found his way back to Rosewood, we thought what better time to praise him than right now.

See proof that Caleb is the best PLL BF by scrolling below!

1. He's got a gentle touch.


2. His eyes pierce into your soul.


3. He's got the sexy eyebrow lift down to a science.


4. He pulls off long hair like nobody's business.


5. He's not afraid to share his feelings AND make promises he'll actually keep.


6. He makes the whole "brushing the hair off a girl's face" look GOOD.


7. He looks like he's a great kisser.


Do you agree? Is Caleb the best PLL guy? Sound off in the comments!

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