PLL‘s Tyler Blackburn Spills on Dating, “A”‘s Reveal, and Haleb vs Ezria!

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It’s not every day that we get to chat with one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars. So when we had the chance to talk to Tyler Blackburn (AKA Caleb Rivers!), we just could not hold back asking him all the dirty deets on basically anything and everything PLL, like who the heck “A” is, spoilers on the next episode, which liar he’d date IRL, and most importantly, will Haleb (Hanna + Caleb if you weren’t sure of the lingo) last?!

Considering he was just promoted to a series regular(!!!), we already had an inkling that the answer to the last question would be in our favor. But obvs we don’t wanna give too much away. You gotta read on for all the juice!

Teen: What are the similarities or differences between you and Caleb?
Tyler Blackburn: Similarities: I think I can kind of keep up with all different personality types, but I may be not quite as troubled as Caleb and his past are. I definitely have a brooding side, I think, that comes out sometimes. That’s probably how we’re similar and also dissimilar.

Teen: When Caleb was brought in on the big secret between the girls, he wasn’t given the entire truth.  Will he learn the whole truth of what’s going on with them?TB: After next week’s episode, it does start to focus a little bit more on the four girls as the mystery of “A” is coming to a close. So he doesn’t learn the whole truth this season. I think that he possibly will learn it next season, but for this season, he knows that they’re being harassed, and he’s not okay with that. I think he thinks Jenna’s abusing them because he’s been sort of taken advantage by her as well. He sort of has his own theories, like most people have their theories on who “A” is.

Teen: It seems like there’s gonna be a serious showdown between Caleb and Garrett.  What can you tell us about what’s going to happen with them?
TB: Garrett’s just a creepy dude. He’s also a cop, and Caleb has a bit of a sordid past with the law and I think that “A” knows that. “A” sort of sets it up to where Garrett and Officer Wilden are able to basically charge — not charge but assume — that Caleb has done some hacking illegally.

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So you wonder if Caleb going to get in trouble with the law again, and the law happens to be Garrett.  I think Garrett also has some ulterior motives as well, so they’re definitely out for blood.  But Caleb is a tough dude. He has a lot of street smarts, and he can keep up pretty well.

Teen: “A” is the big mystery of PLL. How is revealing it at the end of this season going to change the dynamics of the show?
TB: That’s a great question, and I wondered the same thing. Obviously, you feel like, oh, the show would end, but that is not going to happen. Once “A” is revealed, there’s another mystery kind of starting from that. So they definitely have kept the momentum going, so you’re not going to be disappointed, and there’s just going to be more and more. I think this is probably one of the biggest black holes that anybody could fall into because there’s just so many layers to it.

Teen: Since “A” is going to be coming after Caleb, does that put a wedge between his relationship with Hanna? 
TB: You know what? Quite to the contrary. It brings them a little bit closer. Usually, it’s Caleb trying to protect Hanna, but because Caleb is in hot water, Hanna has to kind of figure out how she might be able to help Caleb, and so the roles are reversed a little bit, and I think it brings them closer, actually.  So I’m sure “A” is pretty pissed off.

Teen: A lot of our readers are Team Haleb fans, but there’s also a lot of Team Ezria fans. Which couple do you think has a better chance of survival?
TB: Absolutely Haleb. They’re the same age, but I do think that’s going to be a factor. I think, obviously, the romance of it with Ezra and Aria is really romantic, kind of because it’s so forbidden. I hope it lasts, but it’s going to be a little bit more challenging. I think that Haleb will be the winner in that one.

Teen: Hanna’s “the one” for Caleb, but which character is the most your type in real life?
TB: It would probably be Aria. She just has a little bit of this Bohemian vibe to her, like funky fashion. Yeah, I think I would say Aria.

Teen: What about out of all the actresses? Which one would be most your type?
TB: I might get in trouble with that one. I’m not sure. I mean, they’re all very unique in their own way. They’re their own people, and I find that to be attractive in a person, so if I could have all of them, maybe.

Who do you think “A” is — could it be Caleb?! Are you Team Haleb or Team Ezria? Which is your fave PLL hottie? Reveal all your pretty little secrets…

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