20 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About Tyler Blackburn

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When Tyler Blackburn first appeared on Pretty Little Liars as Caleb Rivers, it’s safe to say he took a lot of fans (and Hanna Marin) by surprise. Not only did he crack Bieber hair jokes as naturally as he breathed air, but he also was unlike anyone we had ever met in the quaint-yet-small town of Rosewood. Caleb, though young, was smart and resourceful, and he worked hard to overcome his unfortunate circumstances. His quick wit and grungy look invigorated our spirits, and his genuine love for Hannakins filled us with hope in this dark, crazy world. And in the process of falling head over heels for this glorious hacker, PLL viewers also made room in their hearts for his talented real-life counterpart.

That being said, although you probably already check his Twitter feed (@tylerjblackburn) and Instagram account every few hours, there’s still plenty of mystery left to this handsome actor! Here are a few mesmerizing fun facts about Tyler Blackburn that will melt you to the core:

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