Why the Latest Tyga Cheating Scandal is a Million Times Worse Than the Last Few

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You’d think after having four different people tell you your boyfriend is cheating, you’d take it as a sign to leave the relationship. But apparently, Kylie Jenner needs another red flag to prove that Tyga is a true d-bag.

In the latest cheating scandal, DuJour magazine may have exposed the rapper’s tryst with a Kylie lookalike. The editor’s noted their whole experience leading up to their interview with the 26 year old, including the young girl that was standing outside his house as they arrived one morning.

“As a photo crew and styling team lug gear up the 26-year-old rapper’s steep stone driveway, a young, bleary-eyed Kylie Jenner lookalike is huddled outside the gate, shivering in the light drizzle,” the mag wrote. “The girl’s hair is matted and slept-on, the extension tape visible from the back, and she taps her toe nervously while awaiting her ride. She is clearly wearing last night’s shorts.”

Ummm…talk about awkward. The shivering girl was later identified as Val Mercado, a model with whom the tattooed man recently stepped out in public. But despite wanting to question Tyga about his female guest, the DuJour reporters were firmly told they could not discuss his personal life whatsoever, so there was never any opportunity to even have him try to clear the air.

We know there has been a lot of rumors of Tyga hooking up with other people in the past, but there was never any visual confirmation (unless you count that whole drama with a 14 year old). Somehow the fact that people SAW a young girl in a questionable position outside of the rapper’s house makes this cheating scandal so much worse. Come one, Kylie — think with your head, not with your heart!

Wait…Kylie Jenner wants to be single?!

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