14 Tyga Memes That Are Literally You When You Get Caught Being Shady AF

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Kylie Jenner seems to be pretty happy in her new relationship with Travis Scott, but her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, isn’t having the same luck. The 27-year-old rapper was seen hanging out with model Jordan Ozuna over the weekend, sparking rumors that the pair was dating. The girl, however, was quick to shut down those stories.

“Omg y’all I’m not dating Tyga…come on,” the former Hooters employee tweeted after pictures of their hangout hit the Internet.

But even though the musician didn’t do anything wrong even if Jordan WAS his new girlfriend, the face he made when he realized the paparazzi caught his ~date~ told a different tale and sparked the creation of the ever-hilarious “OH SH*T!!!!” meme!

1. Uh oh…

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3. *covers eyes*

4. Moms always know.

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5. Too soon, duh!

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6. Musicians be like:

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7. Look away!

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8. The real Kendrick Lamar album cover:

9. Run!

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10. Busted.

11. How Tyga’s reality show would start:

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12. Most likely:

13. #TygaProblems

14. RUN!!!

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This isn’t the first time Tyga got caught doing something ~shady~ — he was once exposed for sexting another woman while still dating Kylie!