If Kylie Jenner Stays with Tyga After this, She’s More Stupid than We Thought

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You know the saying, ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?’ Well, Kylie Jenner better start taking it into serious consideration, ’cause apparently her rumored-but-basically-confirmed boyfriend Tyga cheated on her again.

B. Scott broke the story when they received an email exposing Tyga’s alleged sexual escapades with transgender actress Mia Isabella. In addition to a detailed note explaining that the rapper had been hooking up with Mia for over three years, the source also gave up 38 screenshots of racy text messages between the two. We obviously can’t show you all of the screenshots as they contain nudity and graphic language, but we can show you a few of their (more tame) exchanges. Here he is apparently sending Mia a selfie:



And here they are apparently coming up with a plan to cover up their romance if anyone ever found out about them:

If these allegations are true, it would be the second time Tyga reportedly cheated on Kylie in the past few months. But as if THAT wasn’t bad enough, can we just talk about the fact that the source is saying he and Mia have been hooking up for three years?! Tyga’s son will turn three this October, meaning, if this timeline is correct, he cheated on Blac Chyna while she was pregnant. Wooooow.

Everything is obviously just speculation at this point, but the source’s story is shockingly (and disturbingly) detailed enough to make us wonder…

Do you think Tyga has really been cheating on Kylie all this time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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