Surprise, Surprise — Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Actually IS a Huge D-Bag

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To say that Kylie Jenner and Tyga have had a pretty effed up relationship would be the understatement of the year. Ignoring the whole awkward age-gap thing, the rapper has had his fair share of cheating rumors, and if the latest holds true, he’s been on a mission to rekindle the flame with his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

Let’s flash back to April when rumors that the 25 year old was not only texting his ex-fiance, but desperately begging for a chance to meet up with her. She even had the incriminating texts to prove it! As they say, if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog…

According to rapper Amber Rose, old habits die hard. In a recent GQ magazine interview, Kanye West’s ex-lover claimed that “he’d been texting Blac Chyna, saying, ‘I really want my family back’ — but he was out with [Kylie].”

Sure, maybe he’s not interested in Blac Chyna romantically anymore and just wants to man-up and actually be a good father, but his track record in the past isn’t the best. Yes, he may shower her with lavish gifts and prove his love with permanent ink, but come on — some shady actions just cannot be overlooked.

What do you think? Is this another red flag for Kylie or NBD? Tell us your thoughts below!

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