Twitter Chatter: The Best Celebrity Tweets of the Week

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This week seemed to drag on forever, but thanks to the random (and very amusing) tweets of these A-listers, we had something to crack up about at totally inappropriate times. You know — at work, in class, in the middle of a phone convo with our parents…uh, sorry, Mom.

Guess which hottie was begging for acne cream and who embarrassingly fell up (yes, UP) a flight of stairs? It’s all in this week’s Twitter Chatter!

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I have an addiction to shopping … And tan people…and house music … And pickles, just to name a few.

At the BMI awards. It’s got a red theme. They have hot tamales in the centerpiece at the table. Is it bad that I’m eating them? Classy..

@Proactiv i need the green tea moisturizer. the other stuff is workin real nice. Im relying on you guys. Puberty here peoples. puberty

I’m not gonna say the brand name, coz they ain’t payin me but these sweat pants are soo comfortable

The only thing stupider than falling walking UP a flight of stairs is having both hands in your pockets…Ouch. Don’t do it.

There should absolutely be an “undo” button in an elevator for when you hit the wrong floor.

I’m in the mood to spread a rumor that one of my friends has hairy toes. Who’s the lucky lady? hmmmmmm….

Started pilates yetsterday-cant move…

so hungry! nothing in the house… I wonder if it’s ok to put muscle milk on corn flakes…? :/