Why Twins Switching Places Would Never Work In Real Life

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There are a lot of fantasy things we can totally go along with — Harry Potter? Sure. Vampires? Yes, please. Werewolves? Taylor Lautner is fine anytime. — but one thing that’s getting a little too imaginative is the ol’ twins-switching-places trick.  This plot point is showing up everywhere, but especially in two new-ish TV shows: The Lying Game and Ringer.  There are a bazillion reasons why switching places with your twin would never work in everyday life.  It’d be one thing to fool someone on a date, but these two shows have twins take over each other’s lives — and they don’t even know one another!  How on earth could you pretend to be someone but have no idea what their BFF’s name is or what their favorite pizza topping is?

Sure identical twins look alike.  But there is so much else that makes a person who they are.  Most times twins have different hair, different body shapes, different voices, etc.  And obviously most twins have pretty different personalities.  That’s the part that’s almost got Emma caught on The Lying Game and Bridget in trouble on Ringer.  It turns out they’re both much nicer than their counterparts, Sutton and Siobhan, but still no one notices the huge change in their behavior! This makes no freakin’ sense!

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Oh and, the logistics of day-to-day life would be super hard to fake.  If you didn’t know your twin, how would you know where she liked to sit for lunch?  How would you choose between the quad or the cafeteria without anyone noticing the change in routine?  What about if you had completely different style than your sis?  It’d be difficult to explain why you’ve given up your twin’s preferred comfy jeans for minis every day.

It’s not just girls either — the twins on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody often thought about switching places for some of their plans.  This stuff pops up in movies and books too.  The most well-known twin-switcheroo was The Parent Trap — with a remake starring Miss Lindsay Lohan.  In books, the Sweet Valley High girls swapped places in order to fool people all the time, and the Weasley brothers in Harry Potter got away with a lot because of their identical looks.

Do you think we’re onto something here? Could trading places with a twin ever work IRL? If you’re a twin, have you tried it? And who are your fave twins in TV/movies/books? It’s your turn to talk… below!

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