8 Pairs of Comedy Films with the Exact Same Plot, Released in the Same Year

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Have you ever walked out of a movie theater and thought, “I literally just saw a movie just like that?” ‘Twin films,’ or movies with identical plots released around the same time, is not a new phenomenon. The year before the iconic Gone With the Wind came out in 1939, a competing movie named Jezebel debuted, also about a feisty young woman growing up in the South during the American Civil War. Apparently, when actress Bette Davis was rejected from the role of Scarlett O’Hara, a rival studio created the part for her.

The causes of twin movies are unclear: perhaps one studio found out about the other’s film-in-the-making and wants to cash-in on the idea as well, or maybe it’s pure coincidence. It can also be fun for the audience to watch both movies with similar plots and decide which studio “won” the competition; kind of like a “Who Wore it Better” of Hollywood Blockbusters. Whatever the motive, the following on-screen comedy hits was BASICALLY the same, and to make things even crazier, came out in the same freakin’ year!