Cheat Sheet: Is Twilight the Worst Movie Ever?

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B-T-Dubbs, while you were at school, you missed all of these bound-to-be-the-talk-of-homeroom stories! Study up now!

1. Does Twilight really deserve 9 Razzie noms?!
2. Can you guess the super-hot star from behind?
3. Girls went crazy for Justin Bieber even when he was 6.
4. Kourtney and Kim took New York!
5.  Kelly Osbourne’s replacing Taylor Momsen as Material Girl!
6. Gossip Girl returns tonight
7. 90210 is returning, too.
8. Leighton Meester thinks Blair Waldorf is a spoiled brat?
9. Jennifer Stone dishes Mean Girls 2!
10. Who will star in Hunger Games?