Celeb Battle: Which Franchise Do You Like Better, Twilight or The Hunger Games?!

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A few weeks ago during our Peeta and Gale battle, you guys told us not to make The Hunger Games into Twilight with teams and such. But did we listen? No. No we did not. Because for this week’s Celeb Battle, we’re all about pitting THG and Twilight against each other. PLease don’t hate us and just hear us out.

We know the books/movies are totally different. But actually, they’re kinda not. Both have love triangles, both are things that would never actually happen IRL, and both have two hot guys reppin’ the two main dudes. Thank the lord for that one.




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So, which are you a bigger fan of? Kstew, Taylor and Rob’s movies? Or do you think you’ll like JLaw, Josh and Liam’s more? And what about when it comes to the books?! Duke it out in the comments and make sure to vote right here:

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