New Twilight Lawsuit Claims the Movies Are Racist & Perverted

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SummitRemember back in May of this year when there was mention of a lawsuit between the makers of Twilight and the creators of a Twilight parody (with $500 million at the center of it all!)? Yeah, well now that's making headlines once again because the suers are now claiming that the franchise is racist and perverted, among other things.

According to TMZ, Between the Lines Productions, the producers behind spoof Twiharder, claim that the Kristen Stewart– and Robert Pattinson-led series is fair game to parody because "it showcased questionable conduct regarding domestic violence, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, date rape, and racism."

Domestic violence in regards to the sex scene, teen pregnancy because of Bella's human/vampire hybrid embryo, drug addiction in reference to Edward's personal brand of heroine (Bella), date rape because of the main characters' nearly 100-year age difference, and racism due to the depiction of Native Americans as "bloodthirsty warriors, noble savages and sexual predators."

BtL wants Summit to pay greatly because the larger studio sent a "sham" cease-and-desist notice, thereby ruining the parody company's relationships with distributors and insurers who revoked their offers. This is getting NUTS. What do you think of the lawsuit? Do you believe any of the allegations that Twilight is racist, perverted, sexist, etc.? Weigh in via the comments below!

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