4 Twilight Fan Theories You Need to Read Immediately

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The fan theories just keep stacking up, and we are ALL over 'em. From the crazy hidden messages on Doug to the Harry Potter theories that so utterly ridiculous riddikulus, there's something for every fandom to debate about. And the Twilight fandom's no different. Here are four theories from Twihards you need to read, like, right now:

1. Bella is part werewolf. "The Twilight books tell us repeatedly that vampire powers go haywire when it comes to their ancient enemies: the werewolves. If Bella possessed a weird combination of human and werewolf DNA, it would explain why Edward couldn't read her mind, why the vampires couldn't see her baby's future and possibly how she got pregnant in the first place."—Dear Author

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2. The movies glorify a "very poor contra-spiritual-evolutionary choice." "In the film, Bella chooses to become a vampire under the guise of asserting her autonomy and transitioning into adulthood. While asserting one's individual sovereignty and maturity is a positive message, there is a deeper, insidious message being parlayed. Vampires, in all cultures, are associated with the dark occult. They appear to be human but they are not. They are soulless beings that live off human flesh. They steal energy from other people against their will. Any action committed against someone's will defines as black occult. While this young woman's decision is couched within the context of teenage maturing, the audience most likely does not notice that she's choosing to become a soulless being."—Tree of Life Center US

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3. Vampires vs. werewolves = virgins vs. sexually actives. "There is a strong anti-premarital-sex theme in the Twilight books. The author is Mormon and her religious beliefs about marriage and sex definitely influence her writing… Edward's reluctance to turn Bella is [probably] related to that."—Yahoo!

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4. "Twilight is the direct product of the Illuminati's ability to formulate plans that no one is able to detect." Umm… just… read this.

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