The 10 Best Bella and Edward Moments EVER

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Step aside, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, a real couple is getting ready to make their way down the aisle! In just 8 days, the wedding we’ve all been waiting for will go down when Breaking Dawn: Part 1 heads on to the big screen.

We can’t wait to finally see Bella and Edward get married (and go on their honeymoon), but before the wedding, but we can’t forget all those sentimental moments leading up to the big day, can we?! And see, Team Edward? We “>told you we wouldn’t forget about you…

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Here are the 10 best Edward and Bella moments so far ever!

1. Clearly it was love at first sight for Edward Cullen. In Twilight, Edward can’t even stand being next to her because he’s so attracted to her scent. Romantic, eh?!

2. Another fave Twilight moment? When Edward and Bella arrive to school together for the first time as a couple. Uh yeah, if Rob Pattinson went to our school, we’d be staring, too.

3. We just about die every time we watch this Bedward scene from Twilight where Bella figures out that he’s a vampire. What we love the most, though, is when Edward getsall sparkly and tells Bella, “You won’t hurt me.”

4. And then there was the first kiss in. ‘Nuff said.

5. In New Moon, Bella celebrates her 18th birthday and is going all crazy about “aging.” We love how Edward thinks she’s completely nuts and then…well, you’ll see.

6. Edward and Bella’s chat here about Jacob was sorta awks, but we included this because of one line said by Edward: “Bella, you give me everything just by breathing.” Uh, can we have you?!

7. Then at the end of New Moon, Bella goes all the way to Italy to stop Edward from revealing himself as a vampire to everyone in front of the Volturi. Talk about true love, eh?

8. This first scene from Eclipse was sweet, but also kind of LOL-worthy. Edward: “Where I’m from, [marriage] is the way one says ‘I love you.'” Bella: “Where I come from, at my age, it’s the way one says ‘I just got knocked up.'” Ha.

9. And speaking of marriage, later in flick number 3, Edward proposes to Bella with his mother’s ring. And then they makeout hardcore. Can you hear through the computer how fast our hearts are beating?!

10. And finally, here’s when Edward and Bella talk about why Edward is so against Bella becoming a vampire. Bella, maybe you should’ve listened? Just a thought.