The 8 Best Bella and Jacob Moments EVER

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Not that we’re counting or anything, but only 15 more days until Breaking Dawn! Ah! And in honor of what we hear is the best Twilight flick of them all, we decided to round up the 8 best Bella and Jacob moments EVA.

Team Edward, don’t hate! We love Edward too, but we’ve gotta show Jakey some love since, ya know, he’s the one who gets majorly rejected in this movie. Ouch.

So here are the best Bella and Jacob moments of all time from the first three flicks! And don’t forget to tell us if we left any out, OK?!

1. In Twilight, Bella moves to Forks. Within the first five minutes of the flick she meets, or shall we say re-meets, Jacob. Cutest line: “We used to make mud pies when we were little.”

2. Moving right along to the second Twilight flick, New Moon, we get a bit more Bella and Jacob face time (yay!) as the two go on a movie date…with Mike. You can’t see it in this clip, but this is the scene where Jacob tries to hold Bella’s hand and she kinda sorta admits to using him. Awkward.

3. This scene in New Moon is what had Jacob (and us) assuming that Bella was totally into him and not just using him cause Edward wasn’t around. And we just about die when she says, “You’re sorta beautiful.” Um, yeah duh.

4. Oh, the infamous rain scene! in New Moon, Bella shows up at Jacob’s house as he’s walking by (shirtless!) and it’s kinda like that scene she has with Edward when he’s all like, “I don’t wanna be with you.” Yeah. Breaks our hearts, too.

5. Alright, so Jacob totally didn’t mean what he said in that last clip. Proof? He shows up to Bella’s room in this scene from New Moon and they talk about running away together. Doesn’t happen, of course, but that hug is freakin’ awesome regardless.

6. And now, onto Eclipse! The next scene on our list of best B & J moments is when Jacob is telling Bella she should be with him. He tries to forcefully kiss her and then…well, just watch.

7. The kiss! OMG, who could forget this passionate first smooch between Bella and Jacob on the mountaintop? It’s probs one of our fave moments ever. Yours too?

8. Last, but not least…the tent. The tent scene in Eclipse was not only a moment we will always envy Bella for ( we wouldn’t mind having Taylor Lautner to keep us warm, either), but it’s also one of the most hilar between Jacob and Edward.