OMG! Has Eclipse Been Voted the Worst Movie of 2010?

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Yes, Twihards, this is really happening. Twilight: Eclipse is on the short list for the Razzie Award for the Worst Movie of 2010! Noooo! The Razzies are like the Oscars but, um, opposite, where actors and movies “win” for worst performances of the year. Call us biased, but there’s no way Eclipse deserves to even get a nom. We are so demanding a recount!

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Other flicks on the list include Sex and the City 2, Grown Ups, The Last Airbender and Yogi Bear, but Eclipse? The one with Kristen and Rob and Taylor? There’s no way we saw the same movie that those Razzie people are talking about, because Eclipse was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!

Do you think Eclipse should get the Razzie for Worst Movie of 2010? Or should it really get an award for best? Share below, Twihards!