All the Pairs of Twilight Co-Stars That Dated the Same Person

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The cast of Twilight seems to have such awesome chemistry on screen, but considering the fact that some of them used to date the same person, we’re starting to suspect that things might’ve gotten a little awkward behind the scenes. Like, things are bound to get pretty weird if you’re hanging with the one person who used to be intimate with your ex, right?

But on the bright side, it looks like these co-stars didn’t let their similar dating histories get in the way of making one of the biggest film franchises of all time together! See which other Twilight pairs went out with the same human here:

1. Nikki Reed & Kristen Stewart

WHO THEY DATED: Robert Pattinson

RPattz dated Nikki for a few months in 2009, but he supposedly broke things off… just a few months before dating KStew. That’s not awkward at all.



2. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart


Kristen’s current girlfriend, Soko, actually admitted in one of her interviews that she once went on a blind date with Rob before she met Kristen. We can’t say for sure when this was, but the good news is that both halves of Robsten seem to have moved on. As of now, Robert is engaged to FKA twigs.



3. Jamie Campbell Bower & Taylor Lautner

WHO THEY DATED: Lily Collins

After meeting on the set of Abduction in 2010, Taylor dated Lily Collins. But the relationship was short-lived and they split only a week before the LA premiere of their film. However, Taylor would continue to collaborate with Jamie in The Twilight Saga. Soon after that franchise wrapped, Jamie worked with Lily on The Mortal Instruments, thus, beginning their love story.



4. Nikki Reed & Ashley Greene

WHO THEY DATED: Ryan Phillippe AND Ian Somerhalder

It looks like these two have the same taste in guys because they shared not one, but two exes. Back in 2007, when Nikki was just 18, she and Ryan Phillippe were spotted out on a date. By 2013, Ashley and Ryan reportedly hooked up. As for Ian Somerhalder, he and Nikki are currently married. But in 2009, Ian and Ashley are said to have had a brief fling. Whoa.




Of course, Kristen Stewart’s dating history didn’t start with Soko. Here are all the guys she ~dated~ before meeting her new love: