The Must-See First Acting Jobs of the Twilight Cast Members

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You’ve seen the first acting jobs of the Divergent cast, which were all sorts of wonderful. Now, feast your eyes on the must-see first movie/TV gigs of the cast of The Twilight Saga:

Kristen Stewart — After her total of zero lines in The Thirteenth Year and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas in 1999 and 2000, respectively, but before Panic Room in 2002, the actress starred opposite on-screen mom Patricia Clarkson in The Safety of Objects (2001). Watch a clip here:

Robert Pattinson — Seven years before he linked up with Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants, RPattz and the now Oscar-winning actress played son and mother in Vanity Fair. Here’s the alternate ending for the film:

Taylor Lautner — Little Tay was only 9 years old when his first film, Shadow Fury, was released in 2001. Though most of the embeds aren’t in English, you can still understand how much he kicked butt even as a youngin’:

Ashley Greene — In 2006, the brunette beauty hit the small screen in a one-episode role on Crossing Jordan. Skip to 2:25 (though, keep in mind, it’s graphic in both sexual and lethal ways):

Kellan Lutz — “Stay cool, daddy-o.” That was one of the muscular man’s first lines on The Bold and the Beautiful/of all time…

Nikki Reed — Nikki’s first-ever acting role was a big one, starring as one of the lead’s in 2003’s Thirteen with Evan Rachel Wood and Vanessa Hudgens. Nikki and Evan even had to share a huge on-screen kiss:

Jackson Rathbone — Technically, JR’s first role was in the 2005 movie River’s End. But, since no clips from it exist on the Internet apparently, here’s footage of Jackson on Close to Home from the same year:

Anna Kendrick — Disregarding her stage work, which she’s done since she was a little girl, Anna starred in 2003’s Camp as Fritzi Wagner. It was a singing part, natch.

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